Socio-Cultural Consequences of Urban Sprawl: A Case Study of Dera Ismail Khan (Pakistan)


  • Muhammad Yasir Government College University, Lahore Author
  • Ayesha Farooq Government College University, Lahore Author



Social Interaction, Cultural Identity, Social Cohesion


This study aimed to investigate the socio-cultural consequences of urban sprawl in Dera Ismail Khan. The three main objectives explored are that urban sprawl has negatively impacted social cohesion and social interaction among the members of society. It has affected the cultural heritage and cultural identity. It also has hindered people's access to essential resources. Qualitative research methodology was used as a research method for this study. A quota sampling method was used to select the participants. Sixty-four respondents were selected based on age, gender, and locality. Focus group discussions were conducted using a focus group guide to collect the data. There were a total of 8 groups; 4 of them were migrants, and 4 were local respondents. The female ratio was 50% each. Groups were categorized based on age, gender, and identity. This enabled the participants to share their opinions without hesitation. The research findings indicate that urban sprawl has negatively impacted the social and cultural life of the people in Dera Ismail Khan. Urban sprawl has negatively affected their cultural identity, social interaction, social cohesion, cultural traditions, and access to public amenities. They have lost their social interaction and social cohesion among the community members. The researchers found that cultural changes occurred in the local cultural values, traditions, and norms of the migrants. Both migrants and locals now follow a homogenized culture. Their access to public amenities is much affected by the unplanned urban expansion. People became dependent on private cars because of the lack of public transportation. This increased use of private vehicles leads to air pollution and traffic problems. It is also observed that the local government is inefficient in mitigating these consequences. 


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Author Biographies

  • Muhammad Yasir, Government College University, Lahore

    Research Scholar at Government College University, Lahore. Email:

  • Ayesha Farooq, Government College University, Lahore

    Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Government College University, Lahore.




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Socio-Cultural Consequences of Urban Sprawl: A Case Study of Dera Ismail Khan (Pakistan). (2024). Journal of Asian Development Studies, 13(1), 62-75.

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