Reimagining Ecological Harmony and Dissonance: With Special Emphasis on “The God of Small Things”


  • Muhammad Ibrahim Khokhar Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur, Sindh Author
  • Abdul Ghafoor Air University, Islamabad Author
  • Ihsan Ahmed Universitas Negeri Semarang, Indonesia Author



Environment and Living, The God of Small Things, Arundhati Roy, Ecocriticism


The 21st century’s climate change has become an eminent threat to humanity, the cosmos and the earth. Homo sapiens, in their pursuit to achieve the quality of life, have conducted irreversible and irreparable damage to the habitat as the good environment of it. This study comprehensively and extensively analyses Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things (1997). She gives a detailed account of nature in her novel and describes nature in the present and past scenarios. The study will be based on the theoretical framework of ecocriticism (Garrad, 2004). The ecocritical theory explicitly looks into the relationship between literature and the physical environment in terms of their influence on each other (Glotfelty,1996). This paper represents how Arundhati Roy has presented her concern for the environment, which human beings have mercilessly misused in the garb of civilization, development and modernization. It also highlights how the deteriorated and detrimental effect of human exploitation of nature directly affects the environment and living space.


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Author Biographies

  • Muhammad Ibrahim Khokhar, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur, Sindh

    Assistant Professor, Institute of English, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur, Pakistan. Email:

  • Abdul Ghafoor, Air University, Islamabad

    MPhil Scholar, Department of English, Air University, Islamabad, Pakistan. Email:

  • Ihsan Ahmed, Universitas Negeri Semarang, Indonesia

    Master in English Language Education, Universitas Negeri Semarang, Indonesia.





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Reimagining Ecological Harmony and Dissonance: With Special Emphasis on “The God of Small Things”. (2024). Journal of Asian Development Studies, 13(1), 723-729.

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