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Our centre is offering different programs for capacity building of individuals, as well as organizational level. We offer different programs for capacity building on demand from the organization. We have a panel of experts in each field and provide you consultancy services in different areas. Following programs offered for capacity building in our centre for Researchers.

Academicians and Industries:

  • Use of SPSS in Research
  • EVIEWS for Researchers
  • STATA Applications in Data Analysis
  • Techniques for Quantitative Data Analysis
  • Techniques for Qualitative Data Analysis
  • Coaching and Counseling
  • Motivation at Individual and Organizational Level
  • Human Resource Development
  • Need Assessment and Strategic Design
  • English Communication Skills
  • Business Communication and Report Writing
  • On-the-job Trainings
  • Micro-teaching Techniques
  • How to Improve Teaching Skills
  • How to Write Research Paper/Thesis
  • How to Write Funded Research Proposal/Project
  • Quality Enhancement in Organizations
  • Capacity Enhancement of Industrial Workers

We provide services in all above mentioned areas and if any organization has their own requirements then we tailor new course according to their desired needs.

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