Reshaping Cultural Traditions and Social Norms: Gender Dynamics and Social Constructs in “Broken Wings”


  • Shahid Amjad University of Sialkot, Punjab. Author
  • Muhammad Sabboor Hussain University of Sialkot, Punjab. Author



Love, Equality, Freedom, Social Norms, Gender Roles


Khalil Gibran's literary masterpiece "Broken Wings" is a poignant exploration of cultural traditions, social norms, and the intricate dynamics of gender roles in the context of early 20th century Lebanese society. This research delves into the profound themes of the novel, examining how Gibran artfully dismantles prevailing societal constructs and challenges established norms through the lens of the protagonist, Selma Karamy. Central to the narrative is the portrayal of Selma's struggle for autonomy and self-expression within a patriarchal framework that restricts women's agency and confines them to traditional roles. Gibran skillfully exposes the complexities of gender dynamics, illustrating the pervasive influence of societal expectations on individual freedom and fulfillment. Through Selma's introspective journey and unconventional relationship with the protagonist, Gibran invites readers to reflect on the nature of love, duty, and the pursuit of personal liberation. The novel catalyzes reshaping cultural paradigms, advocating for equality and empowerment amidst entrenched social hierarchies. Furthermore, Gibran's lyrical prose and profound insights transcend temporal and cultural boundaries, resonating with readers across generations and continents. By challenging ingrained perceptions and advocating for social transformation, "Broken Wings" emerges as a timeless masterpiece that continues to inspire discourse on gender equality and societal change. This study offers a glimpse into the rich tapestry of themes woven throughout Khalil Gibran's "Broken Wings," highlighting its enduring relevance in fostering dialogue and reshaping cultural traditions and social norms.


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Author Biographies

  • Shahid Amjad, University of Sialkot, Punjab.

    MS Scholar, University of Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan. Email: 

  • Muhammad Sabboor Hussain, University of Sialkot, Punjab.

    Professor, Department of English, University of Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan.



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