Foodscape of Pakistan: A Qualitative Investigation of Intentions, Themes and Social Realities in Food Vlogging


  • Miral Khuram The University of Lahore. Author
  • Rabia Noor The University of Lahore. Author



Food Vlogging, Pakistani Cuisine, Culinary Trends, Reels, Instagram, Social Media


This qualitative research paper delves into the captivating world of Pakistani food vloggers, investigating the profound how’s and whys behind their use of social media platforms to generate and share delectable food-related content. With a focus on comprehending the underlying intentions that drive these vloggers in creating their culinary masterpieces, the study conducted in-depth interviews with four renowned food vloggers: Adeel Chaudhry, Foodies by Ashir, Saqib Mobeen, and Hamza Haram. Employing thematic analysis as the core methodology, the research unveils the captivating reality crafted by food vloggers through their interactions with the audience. It draws inspiration from the symbolic interactionist perspective and the sociological theories of George Herbert Mead and Herbert Blumer. Within the intricate tapestry of these culinary journeys, three prominent themes emerge foodscapes, media influence, and psychological tools. This pioneering research not only offers profound insights into the domain of food vlogging and marketing but also presents a novel perspective on how individuals in the digital age construct their social realities through dynamic interactions with their followers. As this study uncovers the artistry behind the culinary creations and the strategic utilization of social media, it paves the way for further research and exploration in this enthralling realm of food vlogging.


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Author Biographies

  • Miral Khuram, The University of Lahore.

    Research Scholar, School of Creative Arts, The University of Lahore. Email: 

  • Rabia Noor, The University of Lahore.

    Assistant Professor, School of Creative Arts. The University of Lahore. Email:




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Foodscape of Pakistan: A Qualitative Investigation of Intentions, Themes and Social Realities in Food Vlogging. (2024). Journal of Asian Development Studies, 13(2), 837-849.

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