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Development and Validation of Prospective Teachers’ Teaching Attitude Scale (PTTAS)

M. Ramzan, Khalid Saleem, M. Ul Islam and M. Afzal


Landmines in Westhern Pakistan; Effectiveness of Multi Sector Mine Action Project and Its Alleviation

M. Israr, Dawood Jan, Mrs. Nafees A., Shamsher Ali, M. M. Shafi, Farhad Ali and M. Arshad


Good Board Governance and Perceived Business Continuity in Tunisian Corporate Groups

Wajdi Ben Rejeb


Equity Effect of Neo-liberalism and Educational Entrepreneurship

Muhammad Raashid, Ambreen Raza and Syed Aziz Rasool


Roles and Issues of Village Development and Security Committee (VDSC) Institution for Rural Development in Malaysia

Ani Binti Ahmad, Abu Daud bin Silong, Mina Abbasiyannejad, Turiman bin Suandi


Membership-Based Organizations of the Poor; New Emerging Trends for Development in Northern Pakistan

M. Israr, Dawood Jan, Mrs. Nafees Ahmad, Shamsher Ali, M. Ibrahim and Farhad Ali


Estimation of Marshall Lerner Condition in the Economy of Pakistan

Syeda Shehr Bano, Muhammad Raashid and Syed Aziz Rasool


Sustainable Energy Policy: Challenges and Prospects for the Developing Countries like Bangladesh

Shahi Md. Tanvir Alam


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