Current Issue

Vol. 13 No. 1 (2024): Journal of Asian Development Studies, Volume 13, Issue 1 (March 2024)
Published: 2024-02-28


  • Does Institutional Quality Strengthen the Energy-Mix-Climate Change Relation? A Case of Highly Vulnerable Countries

    Anam Javaid, Rukhsana Kalim, Muhammad Shahid Hassan (Author)
    DOI: https://doi.org/10.62345/jads.2024.13.1.501
  • Crimes Against Humanity: A Human Rights Perspective

    Sidra Kanwel, Nazar Hussain, Sahib Oad, Shumaila Phulpoto (Author)
    DOI: https://doi.org/10.62345/jads.2024.13.1.2
  • Investigating Performance of Self-Medication in Multan During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Rahat Wase, Ammara Ilyas, Rubaisha Kajal, Javed Iqbal (Author)
    DOI: https://doi.org/10.62345/jads.2024.13.1.3
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The primary goal of CENTRE FOR RESEARCH ON POVERTY AND ATTITUDE (PVT) LTD is to foster and support research endeavors across Asian countries, with a particular focus on developing economies. We aim to facilitate communication among researchers, academics, industry professionals, and policymakers. The center is dedicated to enhancing the capabilities of individuals and organizations across various domains.

MGCRD collaborates closely with both national and international organizations engaged in research activities. This collaborative effort strengthens the impact of research initiatives and promotes a broader exchange of ideas.

To advance research endeavors, our center has initiated the publication of two research journals: "Journal of Asian Development Studies" and "Journal of Global and Scientific Issues." These journals serve as platforms for researchers, academics, communities, students, and policymakers to disseminate and exchange knowledge through high-quality empirical and theoretical research papers, as well as case studies, covering diverse fields in scientific and development studies.

Capacity Building

Our centre is offering different programs for capacity building at the individual as well as the organizational level. We offer different programs for capacity building on demand from the organization. We have a panel of experts in each field and provide you with consulting services in different areas. The following programs are offered for capacity building in our centre for researchers:

Academicians and Industries:

  • Use of SPSS in Research
  • EVIEWS for Researchers
  • STATA Applications in Data Analysis
  • Techniques for Quantitative Data Analysis
  • Techniques for Qualitative Data Analysis
  • Coaching and Counseling
  • Motivation at Individual and Organizational Level
  • Human Resource Development
  • Need Assessment and Strategic Design
  • English Communication Skills
  • Business Communication and Report Writing
  • On-the-job Trainings
  • Micro-teaching Techniques
  • How to Improve Teaching Skills
  • How to Write Research Paper/Thesis
  • How to Write Funded Research Proposal/Project
  • Quality Enhancement in Organizations
  • Capacity Enhancement of Industrial Workers

We provide services in all the above-mentioned areas, and if any organization has its own requirements, we tailor new courses according to their desired needs.





For today's businesses around the world, turbulence has become the norm, and businesses seek innovative solutions to face their peculiar challenges. Uncertainty and dynamism in business environments and localized approaches to business have hugely relinquished some traditional business and management practices, while the theme of globalization has now been a question in most parts of the world. Conferences on 21st century challenges are immense. However, today we have stepped into an era to dedicate all efforts to innovations, research, and practices that can sustain the growth of businesses in their own contexts. As it did in the past, the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies of the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, is very pleased to invite all scholars, practitioners, researchers, and students to share their research outcomes, findings, innovations, and practices for developing businesses for sustainable growth.

Papers can be sent under the given tracks mentioned below. However, papers that may not fall under the given track may also be considered if they relate to the conference theme.

Usual studies are carried out in the context of organizations. However, ICBI-2013 encourages papers that study relevant phenomena not only at the organizational level but also at the individual, social, national, regional, and global levels. Intersectional and interdisciplinary studies that contribute to developing the commerce and management fields are highly encouraged.

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Business and National Policy
  • Economics
  • Educational Studies
  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development
  • Environmental Studies
  • Human Resource Management and Development
  • Industrial Psychology and Sociology
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • International Business
  • Management Science
  • Marketing Management
  • Operations Management
  • Peace and Conflict Management
  • Public Administration
  • Strategic Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management

Prospective authors are warmly invited to submit their full-length papers which are NOT submitted/published/ under consideration in anywhere in other conferences or journals. All papers compiled in electronic MS Word (.docx/.doc) format, should be submitted to icbi2013@kln.ac.lk

NOTE: After Completion of the conference, TOP TEN Research Papers will be published in "Journal of Asian Development Studies" and "Journal of Global and Scientific Issues". For further inquiry regarding these journals, you may contact on following address: jads724@gmail.com and jgsi.editor@gmail.com