BMI Trends: Insights From Teacher’s Health Status and Risk Factors in District Layyah (Pakistan)


  • Abdul Hameed Govt. Graduate College Ali Pur. Author
  • Aqsa Arshad Shadab Girls College Sialkot. Author
  • Irfan Hussain Khan Government College University Faisalabad. Author



BMI, Teacher, Layyah


This study examines BMI trends among 300 female teachers from metropolitan and rural schools in District Layyah, providing insights into their health status and potential risk factors. The analysis shows that educational attainment and age significantly influence BMI classification, while income does not. Women with primary or secondary education are more likely to be underweight than overweight, particularly those with secondary education. Older female teachers are likelier to maintain an average weight than being overweight. In contrast, income levels do not reliably predict BMI outcomes. These findings highlight the importance of education and age-related factors in addressing nutritional health inequalities among women, with the impact of income remaining uncertain. To promote teacher health and wellness, policymakers should develop targeted interventions to improve health education, provide nutritional resources, and promote physical activity. These measures will enhance the wellbeing of female teachers and create a healthier learning environment for students. Additionally, future research should explore the broader health needs of teachers in rural areas, considering the multifaceted determinants of BMI.


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Author Biographies

  • Abdul Hameed, Govt. Graduate College Ali Pur.

    Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Govt. Graduate College Ali Pur. Email:

  • Aqsa Arshad, Shadab Girls College Sialkot.

    Lecturer in Economics at Shadab Girls College Sialkot. Email:

  • Irfan Hussain Khan, Government College University Faisalabad.

    PhD Scholar, Government College University Faisalabad, Pakistan. Email:




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BMI Trends: Insights From Teacher’s Health Status and Risk Factors in District Layyah (Pakistan). (2024). Journal of Asian Development Studies, 13(2), 445-454.

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